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face shield face shield : Steelbird Unisex Helmet Visor Face Shield Protect From Unwanted Bacteria, Viruses and Airborne Infections.Long Face Shield that covers complete faceAnti-Scratch coatedUV printedUnbreakable Polycarbonate shield100% Genuine product from SteelbirdCan be used along with Most Masks and Protective Goggles.Scratch and Impact Resistant Shield.Convenient and Comfortable Elastic Strap with Adjuste Full Face Protection shield Steelbird face shield can cover the entire face, which can protect your eyes, mouth and nose well. Preventing inhalation of saliva, dust, pollen, etc. can provide you with good protection Material The Face shield is made of Poly carbonate material. The transparent mask does not block the view, and the mask is large enough to effectively prevent liquid, smoke, dust. splashing from the front sides. Widely Used Extremely lightweight & Mostly useful for Doctors on and beyond second line of defense, Sanitation workers, Police, Street vendor, shopkeepers, Citizens who need to move out for essentials Special Features Long steelbird Face Shield that covers complete face.Anti scratch coated, Optical true, Washable and hence, can be used multiple times.Thickness 2mm, Adjustable size.PU foamed for comfort covered with soft fabric.Easy to wear, Highly Durable & Comfortable.Unbreakable Poly carbonate Shield. Easy To Use The mask can be washed with water or wiped with alcohol to disinfect, easy to maintain, and can be reused Face shields are excellent at preventing droplets from coming into contact with the nose, mouth, and eyes, which are the body sites that the virus enters to establish infection,while plastic face shields do provide a barrier of protection, droplets in the environment can still be inhaled through the open areas around the plastic visor. A new study published in Physics of Fluids, by AIP Publishing, used visualizations to examine and illustrate how effective plastic face shields are at reducing the spread of COVID-19. They found that while face shields did block the initial forward motion of a simulated cough or a sneeze, the expelled droplets were still able to move around the visor and spread out over a large area in an environment GET IT NOW –
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