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Size:PACK OF 1DIVINE TREE Magnesium Sulphate(Epsom Salt)100% Water soluble fertilizerThere are many reasons to use Divine Tree Epsom salt (magnesium sulfate) in the garden. It contains magnesium one of what vegetable garden growers call the “major minor” elements.It helps speed up plant growth, increase a plants nutrient uptake, deter pests, increase flavor of fruit and veggies, plus increase the output of vegetation and improve overall plant health.Epsom Salt contains secondary nutrients.Magnesium(mg) 9.6% Min & Sulphur(s) 12.0% Min. Magnesium constituent of chlorophyll mg gives green color to leaves. it play important role in photosynthesis and also regulates the uptake of other nutrients by the promotes the formation of oils and fats.Recommended Crops :-Tomato,Onion,Potato,Gryoundnut, sugarbeet,Legumes,Cereals and Fibre (Rice,Wheat,Maize Cotton etc); Fruits (grapes,banana,mango,pomegranate,apple,citrus,strawberry etc.);Vegetables(Cauliflower,capsicum,Cabbage etc.);Flowers(Gerbera,Roses,Marigold,Carnation etc.) and sugarcane,tea,coffee etc.Benefits :-Since Magnesium Sulphate has exellent water solubility,Magnesium and sulphur are both immediately available to plants.This fertilizer can be used to correct plant deficiencies in magnesium and sulphur and to correct high soil pH and hence to boost growth of above recommencded crops.Application :-Dissolve 10-15 gm Magnesium Sulphate per litre of water for foliar application.Use 2-3 kg epsom salt per acre per spray.Apply 3 – 4 sprays per crop. Magnesium Sulphate is also suitable for drip irrigation and soil application, Ideal doses being 50 kg. per acre per crop
►Magnesium Sulfate (Epsom Salt) can increase seed germination and nutrient uptake
►It helps improve flower blooming and enhances a plant’s green color
►Best for Vegetables,Flowers & Landscape
►100% Water Soluble Fertilizer
►Fertilize your garden using Divine Tree Epsom salt. Looking for the richest, most delicious fruits and vegetables this season? Add Epsom salt to your regular watering routine to not only boost flavor, but also color and even size.
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